The team of Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V.

Our vision is a world in which animals are perceived by humans as well as being treated animal friendly and with respect. The following people support this:

Board and Director

Bettina Praetorius

Chairwoman of the association
As chairwoman, Bettina Praetorius is the backing and the driving force of the association. As a political scientist, she has always been committed to, among other things, the environment, cultural exchange, human rights and a fair development policy. Improving the living conditions of animals around the world is her special concern.
An eye-to-eye cooperation and a sustainable and educational animal welfare approach are very important to her.

Wolfgang Kohn

Deputy Chairman of the association
Dr. med. Wolfgang Kohn is convinced that „we need a global rethinking in order to change the situation of the animals in the long term for the better“. Wolfgang Kohn is a specialist in internal medicine and specializes in diabetology and nutritional medicine. After studying human medicine in Hamburg-Eppendorf, he now works in the group practice Diabetes Team Berlin. About his commitment to the Welttierschutzgesellschaft Dr. Kohn says the following: „Animals, like humans, feel joy and pain, happiness and unhappiness. Therefore, we should treat them with respect and empathy at all levels.”

Katharina Kohn

Director Katharina Kohn brings the different projects together and ensuring that resources are used in the best possible way. The fundraising expert had previously been responsible for the funds acquisition of the association. Therefore, it remains very important to her to maintain the high degree of transparency.

For Katharina Kohn, animal welfare also means „taking responsibility“, because if everyone contributes only a small part, we can all together improve the world for the animals.

(To avoid misunderstandings: Director and Deputy Chairman are not related.)

Project Management

Stefanie Timm

Head of Operational Project Management
The enthusiasm for animal welfare becomes quickly very clear in a conversation with Stefanie Timm. Today the economic communication scientist is responsible for the administrative and editorial support of our animal welfare projects. Her responsibilities include the presentation of our projects on the website and the commentator ship of recent developments, as well as the creating cooperation agreements and the auditing of project expenditure.

Viola von Keller

Project Manager Farm Animals
Ever since she was a child, Viola von Keller has spent every free minute around animals: She has gained a wide range of experience living on a farm, owns a dog and two goats, and most recently, in 2022, she volunteered to help take care of the pets of refugees from Ukraine.
After completing her law studies, she is now full-time dedicated to animal welfare – as a project manager of our operations for the protection of farm animals.

Theresa Müschner-Siemens

Project Manager Stray Animals
During her studies in veterinary medicine, Theresa Müschner-Siemens developed a passion for large animals such as cattle, pigs and horses.
After the veterinarian worked in science for several years and was mainly focused on animal-friendly and animal welfare-oriented cattle and pig husbandry, she is now responsible for the stray animal projects as a project manager at the Welttierschutzgesellschaft – another subject close to her heart.

Andrej Schulz

Project Manager Wild Animals
In his studies of literature, Andrej Schulz was very interested in drawing attention and perspective to animals. Epistemological, aesthetic and, last but not least, moral issues are also central aspects that occupy him as an author and ultimately paved his way into the field of animal protection. An internship during his studies brought him to the Welttierschutzgesellschaft for the first time in 2017. After working for a nature conservation association and completing his studies, he now works as a project manager for our wild animals projects.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Natascha Pancic

Head of Evaluation and Monitoring
After many years in New Zealand and her work there as an evaluator, Natascha Pancic now supports our monitoring and evaluation activities. The active commitment in animal welfare advances her work in the area of monitoring and evaluation.
She gathers important information from our global animal welfare projects and campaigns, evaluates them, and ultimately ensures that we can achieve the best possible long-term animal welfare results.

Communication and Fundraising

Katharina Felsenstein

Donor support and fundraising
„In my next life, I will be an elephant“ says Katharina Felsenstein. She is an absolute elephant fan and became aware of us in autumn 2014 through our Sumatra project. Through her years of experience -for example in publishing, sales and customer service as well as film promotion -, she is particularly ambitious in supporting the areas of donor care and fundraising.

Katharina Lobermeyer

Communications & Campaigns
The Corona pandemic once again made it clear to Katharina Lobermeyer that animal welfare is really everyone’s business – but is hardly taken into account on political agendas. She wants to change that and has worked for WTG for several years, first as a federal volunteer and later as a working student alongside her master’s degree in international relations. Building on an internship in the field of development cooperation and commitment to the One Health approach, she now strengthens the campaign and communication work at WTG.

Christoph May

Press and public relations
Millions of migratory birds, which are hunted annually in the Mediterranean region, brought Christoph May on the topic of bird protection – and a little later to animal welfare in general. His major concern is to awaken a broad interest for the needs of animals. He implements this in the Welttierschutzgesellschaft in the field of Press- and public relations and can draw on several years of experience in

Wiebke Plasse

Head of Communications
In her job as a journalist, Wiebke Plasse was always particularly interested in animal welfare and nature conservation topics. Since she decided to work full-time in animal welfare, she supervises the fundraising and communication activities of WTG and is responsible for a balanced and interesting presentation of our work – on our website, in newsletters and flyers as well as in video clips and radio features. Furthermore, she’s leading our (political) campaigns.

Anja Zieke

In her childhood, Anja Zieke spent many weekends on her grandparents’ farm. Her enthusiasm for animals persisted and so she took a cat a few years ago. At the Welttierschutzgesellschaft Anja Zieke has now followed her passion:
As a fundraising consultant, she supports the implementation and optimization of fundraising activities.

Juliane Müller

Federal Volunteer
“In order not to lose the reason for hope,” as behavioral researcher and chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall once put it, Juliane Müller also wants to give animals their voice. After a voluntary service and a subsequent internship at the Berlin State Opera, it led her to the WTG, where she now wants to pave her way into professional animal welfare work as part of another federal voluntary service. She provides active support, especially in the areas of project management and communication.

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