Animal welfare starts with humans

Our vision is a world in which animals are appreciated and treated according to their needs.

Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V. (WTG) is a non-profit animal welfare organisation based in Berlin (Germany).

Coronacrisis: Animal welfare in times of the pandemic

This pandemic is just at its beginning in most of our project countries. We have been talking to our partners about the risks of their different animal welfare activities and the focus of our cooperation – whether it being a sanctuary, mobile clinics or helping strays, livestock and wildlife. Our talks have illustrated that saving animal lives is still of highest priority, but we are not going to risk human well-being and increase the likelihood of infection. Using the WTG-emergency fund, we will support our partners throughout this crisis. Read more about it here:

We promise you: We are going to do everything in our power to continue to ensure the safety of animals – all the stray dogs and cats, livestock like donkey, cattle, sheep and goats as well as wildlife like pangolins, sloths, elephants and bears.


Your contribution to the WTG emergency fund

From the bottom of our hearts we ask you to think of the animals during these challenging times. Every donation to the WTG emergency fund saves animal lives!

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