The WTG emergency fund: Protecting the most vulnerable!

We are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety and protection of our protégé animals – the stray cats and stray dogs; the cattle, sheep and goats as well as the wildlife such as pangolins, sloths, elephants and bears. However, to do this we need YOU! As a loyal animal friend, please support the animals, and the people that are trying to protect them – because animal welfare starts with us humans.

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With 25 Euro, you are funding the beginning lifesaving basic veterinary treatment of one injured stray animal.

With 30 Euro, you are funding the species-appropriate diet for a pangolin for two weeks.

With 55 Euro, you are providing rabies vaccinations for 250 dogs.

With 135 Euro, you are funding the work of a veterinary team for one week, for example to care for livestock in India.

With 220 Euro, you are funding the veterinary care for one of our patrolling elephants for one year, including the necessary vaccinations and treatment of wounds.

With 450 Euro you ensure the purchase of up to ten required "animal welfare kits" per year for the program VETS UNITED. These kits contain stethoscope, muzzle, rope, thermometer, hoof knife and scissors and will be given to the participants of the training workshop in Uganda for their future work.

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