Robyn McCann and Madeline Nyamwanza are both veterinarians and through the VETS UNITED propramme in cooperation with the LSPCA they teach the students in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe theory and practical skills concerning animal welfare and health. Robyn works mainly with the veterinary students at the university and Mady with the College students studying animal health and production.

Robyn McCann

“I have always had a passion for animal welfare and have worked in mostly welfare organisations since I qualified. Aside from trying to provide the best veterinary service I can to these animals, my main aim has been to educate owners, children and staff on the importance of responsibility and compassion when owning and/or treating a pet – it should be regarded as a privilege, not a right. Since moving to Malawi in 2014 I have seen the immense need for education of the Malawian people. It is one of the poorest countries in Africa and understandably animals and their health rank low on the priority list for most of the Malawian population. I believe that if we can train the emerging Malawian veterinarians in the basic issues of primary health care and the importance of compassion for all animals.”

Madeline Nyamwanza

“I moved from Zimbabwe to Malawi in June 2016. I considered that there was (and still is) so much work to be done in Malawi yet there are only a few veterinarians. I felt my skills would be much more profitable here as compared to Zimbabwe where every year 20-30 Veterinarians are graduated as much as my experience also grows. I have about 11 female colleagues (3 Malawians and 8 expatriates). The veterinary field in Africa is mainly dominated by males such that sometimes people do not have confidence in female vets, unless of course one is given a chance to prove themselves.”

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