Irene Wairimu Gichingiri

Meet Irene Wairimu Gichingiri, our local coordinator for VETS UNITED in Tanzania.

"My name is Irene Wairimu Gichingiri and I studied Bachelor of Science Animal Health and Production at Kenyatta University. I ‘m an animal welfare enthusiast and joined WTG as the local project coordinator in Tanzania. Loving animals and helping them has been her dream which inspired her to pursue a career that deals with the animals first hand. My motto in life is “consideration for others”. I believe that we human beings have a lot to learn from the animals. Appreciate the love these animals show, the unity, teamwork, sincere gratitude and loyalty. We have a lesson or two we can learn from each species in the animal kingdom.

As the local coordinator, I oversees WTG project in Northern Tanzania with partnership with Meru Animal Welfare Organization. The main goal of these projects is to ensure animals live a comfortable life free from pain and suffering."

In order to establish and improve the welfare of domestic-, livestock and wild animals in the long term, we have developed our new programme VETS UNITED. In Tanzania we are glad to count on Irene Wairimu Gichingiris  support. 

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