The WTG emergency fund: Protecting the most vulnerable in times of coronavirus

“We are afraid, we are stressed and overwhelmed. Corona is hitting us hard, but: We need to continue to stick up for the animals in times like these.”

With words like these, our partner organisation in Khayelitsha, South Africa, contacted us Monday morning – and expressed exactly what we were thinking: We are scared. Similarly to South Africa, in many developing countries there is a catastrophe on the horizon: The number of coronavirus cases is increasing daily - and the pandemic is just at its beginning. How badly will the virus hit the millions of people that already live in terrible conditions? How do you slow the spread of coronavirus when living in metal huts in poverty and how do you protect people that live without fresh water and medical care? Our partners – working in 25 of some of the poorest countries in the world – are in great distress and so are we, the workers in our Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V. office in Berlin. We are constantly exchanging information and are discussing possible opportunities and chances to support our teams and our proteges – the numerous suffering animals worldwide – and give them strength and assistance.

The corona crisis is for each one of us – also for us at the Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V. – a personal and very burdening challenge, but we must do everything in our power to be there for one another – no matter how much energy and time this might cost. While the results of the virus here in Germany are also visible, the impact it will have in those regions where our projects are located is by far more disastrous. Their health care systems are weak, most of the time people live in poverty - and there is no national emergency fund to help people through times like these. We need to assist and support our colleagues on-site right now.

The corona pandemic cannot result in the collapse of all of the precious work done by international animal welfare organisations and the protection for animals worldwide

In Khayelitsha, South Africa, an emergency ambulance has replaced our mobile clinic, which normally reaches especially the remote corners of this township. Following this principle, we now must apply this kind of approach also in other parts of the world and adapt our activities to protect humans and animals alike while still offering the necessary support. Animals in many places are suffering more than before due to pandemic and we need to try our hardest to keep the previously established structures alive and provide animal welfare assistance now – and in the future.

This is why we have decided to create the WTG-emergency fund!

Using the WTG emergency fund we will continue to provide important basic animal welfare work in times of the coronavirus pandemic, including

Providing emergency care

  • for the left-behind stray dogs and cats and
  • the desperate livestock, such as donkeys and cattle.

Establishing the funding for

  • the covering of operating costs to ensure the structures of our partner organisation stay the same
  • as well as the care and feed for all animals currently in our sanctuaries, such as bears, elephants, pangolins and sloths.

Providing wide-spread informational work

  • to eliminate false information and urge the animal owners to take responsibility for their animals and their welfare despite the coronavirus pandemic.

From the bottom of our hearts we ask you: Join us in protecting the most vulnerable!

Dear animal lovers,

without you by our side we are not able to utilise these life-saving measures for animals. Please donate for the establishment of the WTG emergency fund – and allow us to provide adapted, appropriate and individual help for the protection of the animals in our project countries.

We now need to urgently assist some of poorest countries in the world and offer additional support – to protect our partners and animals worldwide alike. Our personal challenges during the coronavirus crisis aside, they need our help now more than ever. We ask you from the bottom of our hearts: Support the most vulnerable with us!

Thank you!

Your contribution to the WTG emergency fund

From the bottom of our hearts we ask you to think of the animals during these challenging times. Every donation to the WTG emergency fund saves animal lives!

Donate now

FAQ regarding the WTG emergency fund

What funding is used to fill the WTG emergency fund?

As a non-profit, every help and support we provide for our project partners all over the world is funded by the kind donations from passionate animal friends. This also applies to the WTG emergency fund.

What does the WTG emergency fund cover?

Although some measures in our projects are currently suspended, any funding already given to our project partners ensures that the structural organisation of everything is preserved and that, as soon as the dangers coming from the pandemic are reduced, normality can return as quickly as possible. The WTG emergency fund is meant to cover any additional costs that might be required to fund new measures needed to protect animals and our partners during the time of the pandemic.

Can I apply for support of my organization?

Unfortunately not. Our focus is currently on the financing of our ongoing project partnerships. Therefore, we are unable to consider any new applications and ask for your understanding.