Improving global animal welfare

Our programme VETS UNITED is set out to improve animal health care standards in emerging and developing countries through locally organised education and postgraduate training.

Due to the poor economic situation and poverty, animal welfare and animal-friendly handling of domestic-, farm-, or wild animals only plays a minor role in emerging and developing countries. In addition, the suffering of animals is often reinforced by insufficient veterinary care.
A survey that we conducted on animal welfare organisations and veterinary education and training institutions in 44 countries showed quite unambiguous results: All respondents pointed out enormous deficits in veterinary education. 50 percent of respondents stated that applied learning and teaching as well as the integration of animal welfare topics in the veterinary curriculum as inadequate. Also livestock and pet owners’ lack of animal welfare awareness was criticized.

»Here you can see the survey results

In order to establish and improve the welfare of domestic-, livestock and wild animals in the long term, we have developed our new programme VETS UNITED.

In cooperation with local partner organisations, veterinary clinics, government agencies and universities, we want to improve animal welfare standards such as spaying/neutering, hygiene measures, anesthesia, analgesia and antibiotic treatment. The training courses are designed to impart both knowledge and practical skills to people who work or who are trained in the field of veterinary medicine. Together with local partners we elaborate tailored training materials.

On-site training is particularly important for VETS UNITED, because the conditions differ in every region and every country. This concerns not only the medical facilities such as the availability of medicines, equipment for surgery or diagnostic means such as x-ray machines but also regional differences in the occurrence of animal diseases.

Country-specific training courses enable veterinarians to better meet the urgent veterinary challenges. Experienced vets from Germany conduct these on-site courses on a voluntary basis.

Particularly important is to raise the participants’ awareness for animal welfare issues in the scope of their own veterinary practice as well as spreading animal welfare awareness to livestock- and pet owners and the general population.

Goals of the programme

  • improving animal welfare in emerging and developing countries in the long term
  • strengthening the skills, knowledge and animal welfare awareness of the local veterinary personnel according to the motto “helping people to help themselves”
  • promoting social awareness for the needs of animals through our local workshops.

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