Welttierschutzgesellschaft (WTG) is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin

It’s our vision to live in a world where all animals are protected and treated with compassion. Our primary focus is on increasing animal welfare in developing and emerging countries with no existing animal welfare measures. Together with local partner organisations, we provide rescue centers and animal sanctuaries, mobile veterinary clinics and spay and neuter programmes in order to improve the lives of stray, farm and wild animals.

Another key component of our mission is to raise awareness for the needs of animals in the local community. In urgent situations, such as natural catastrophes or sudden threats to animals, we provide emergency relief.

Our educational programme VETS UNITED is specifically designed to improve animal welfare through education by providing profound theoretical know-how and more opportunities for hands-on practice to numerous animal health care occupational groups. It’s our goal to firmly represent the importance of animal welfare and provide better and more widespread access to professional animal health care.

We support our local partners with professional skills and financial resources. The selection and ongoing cooperations are based on clear guidelines.

Animal welfare is human responsibility

All over the world animals are neglected, mistreated, abused and killed inhumanely. We aim to improve the situation for animals in the long-term i. e. by providing veterinary care, supporting animal sanctuaries and through our educational work. Therefore, we cooperate with local partner organisations and involve the people who are directly concerned.

Nevertheless, we are keenly aware that worldwide animal welfare begins at our own doorstep. For this reason, we are working to improve the relationship between humans and animals through public-oriented and political campaigns in Germany, too.

Maximum transparency is important to us in every aspect of our work

WTG stands for sustainable animal welfare. In all of our work our charity promises a high level of transparency.

Read all about our projects and programmes here: https://welttierschutz.org/en/projects/. And find more information on transparency here: https://welttierschutz.org/en/transparency/.

Donate monthly

5 Euros

help vaccinating 15 dogs against deadly rabies.

50 Euros

secure the veterinary care of 100 donkeys in our mobile clinics in Kenya.

Your contribution matters

We aim at improving the situation for animals in long term i. e. by providing veterinary care, by supporting animal sanctuaries and through our educational work. Every single donation helps!

You want to learn more about WTG e.V. and our worldwide projects?

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