Clinical days in tropical paradise

As a result of the sufficient veterinary care in Sri Lanka numerous domestic and farm animals suffer needlessly. There is only one university for veterinary medicine and no formal training for veterinary nurses in Sri Lanka.

In order to improve the welfare of animals we visited the insular state in July 2015 for the first course. In February 2016 VETS UNITED went the second time to train veterinary nurses and staff together with our partners from the PetVet Clinic in Colombo.

Strengthen the veterinary medical staff
To not interrupt the daily routine at the clinic and to meet the requirements of the expected big group, Vets United sent over two volunteer vets this time. Christine Montag already joined the first course in Colombo in 2015 and came accompanied by veterinarian Sybille Deuker again. Also more than 80 percent of the participants from our last training in 2015 joined this advanced course in practical and theoretical education on animal welfare and health.
Christine Montag was overwhelmed by the welcome of the students: “It was like never been away. This was a great motivation for the intensive workshop”, she said.

The students were divided into two groups, one was trained in the morning, the second in the afternoon session. Topics of the course included diagnosing and treatment of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases, parasites as well as vaccinations. In practical exercises for instance, samples of faeces were analysed under the microscope. The students told us that although they worked for a long time with pets, this training helps them to understand animals and their needs better. They now realized what animal welfare means and got to know the background of diseases.

The participants will be putting their newly acquired skills to the test in their daily work. And our dedicated vet Christine Montag adds, she can’t wait to come back to support our programme VETS UNITED.