A chance for humans and animals

We started working in Malawi in 2013. Until today we cooperate with the Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (LSPCA) to improve animal welfare and care sustainably. So far we are running a weekly mobile clinic and monthly farm days.

VETS UNITED complemented our commitment in 2015. In cooperation with the 2014 launched Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) programme at Lilongwe University of Natural and Agricultural Resources (LUANAR) and LSPCA, we started to train the first group of veterinary students on animal welfare and health in June 2015.

Veterinary theory and practical experiences for students
In March 2016 we met the students again for an advanced training. In this workshop we got support by the experienced German volunteer veterinarian Michaele Kollmeyer and our partner at LUANAR. Furthermore vets of our partner LSPCA helped us during practical castration clinic.

The course went excellent again. We were proud to see how well the 13 participants developed since our last workshop. Also this time they worked hard and concentrated during the theoretical lectures. We had lively discussions on all the topics lectured and also time to improve the practical skills that are necessary for the future work as field vets in Malawi. During practical exercises and farm visits the students improved their gained skills e. g., the animal welfare situation of the animals was discussed, the students took samples for lab work, got trained in restraining animals and we went through the clinical examinations.

The participants also joined two mobile castration clinics organised by the LSPCA in order to practice their surgical skills. Supervised by one of the experienced vets the castrations were mainly done by the students.
Our work in Malawi makes a big difference – for humans and animals. Especially the constantly growing skills of the students prove the success of our work.